Our ESG Impact at SBP Holdings

Water Reduction

  • Watts sells pressure washers that improve the efficiency of cleaning while reducing the water and chemicals required in the process by up to 70%.

Mass Transit/Electric

  • Connectall is the primary supplier of hose assemblies to both Novabus and Lion Electric. These companies have been leaders in transitioning mass transit and school buses from diesel to electric in Canada and IL, respectively.


  • Summers Rubbers provides hose for pumps that Darpro uses to convert used food oil (think McDonald’s French fry oil) into biofuels.
  • Summers also supplies products to Quasar Energy which recycles food waste and expired food into methane gas and animal food additives.
  • Watts Sells and services Waste oil furnaces – these furnaces are both an EPA-approved method to dispose of waste oil and an extremely cost-effective way to heat warehouses and buildings.

Food Industry

  • Watts Steam developed a calf feeder that efficiently delivers liquid feed to calves. These calves are part of both the beef and dairy industries helping the overall supply of those products. The feeder enables ranchers to do the task with significantly less labor.

Food Safety

  • Unisource’s Poly-Flow arm has designed and manufactured the only proven thermoplastic hose for the transfer of CO2 for beverage applications. The design is FDA compliant and is proven not to leach carcinogens. So next time you are filling up your beverage, let your family know that we help deliver them from the truck to the cup safely.
  • Watts supplies the trucking industry with wash solutions to keep salmonella and other diseases out of the food they transport protecting the food supply.