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Hose & Fittings

Singer Equities companies represent the leading manufacturers in the industry and follow NAHAD and UL established guidelines for our fabrication capabilities to ensure consistent, safe, quality assemblies. Whatever the application; Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Petroleum, Construction or General Plant Maintenance, we can provide you with the right product for your needs.

Industrial Hose

Our broad selection of hoses are unparalleled in the industry, offering unrivaled quality, performance and reliability.

Types Include: Air, Water, steam, Chemical, food, Pharmaceutical, Material Handling, Petroleum, Sandblast, Marine, Gunite, Welding Materials- Rubber, Silicone, PVC, Urethane, Metal, Teflon, Composite

Hose Fittings & Clamps

Our clamps are available in various sizes, configurations, styles, and materials for nearly every industry. We offer carefully engineered clamps designed to give you 360 degree sealing at a very reasonable price in materials that will withstand the most corrosive environments

Metal Hose

Metal hose is used in many applications where rigid connections are impractical. Corrugated metal hose offers many advantages some are as follows: flexibility, excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, excellent temperature resistance and vibration absorption. When covered with braid, metal hose can withstand high pressures and provide a leak proof means for conveying thousands of materials.

Hydraulic Hose & Fittings

Our hoses cover a wide range of pressure and sizes for applications including mining, construction, air, food plants, automotive shops, agricultural, transportation. Hoses are assembled to order and can be pressure tested if requested.


  • Crimping capabilities up to 10″ ID
  • Internal expansion up to 12″ ID
  • Hydrostatic hose testing and tagging up to 12″
  • Hose test certifications for critical service applications
  • In-plant hose surveys
  • Hose coupling safety surveys
  • Custom ID tagging and kitting
  • Hose Tracking System
  • Hose evaluation and recommendations
  • Certified Mobile Hose Testing
  • Extensive inventory of hose and fittings including large diameter sizes up to 12″
  • Vendor managed bin stock programs
  • A certified Goodyear Star Program Distributor
  • NAHAD Assembly Guidelines Fabricator as Hose Safety Institute with info available from http://www.nahad.ord

Slings & Rigging

Bishop Lifting Products provides the highest quality slings and rigging to industries worldwide.  Collectively, our goal is to provide and fabricate all products necessary for “below-the-hook” applications.  Bishop Lifting Products fabricates wire rope, synthetic, alloy chain, metal mesh, and high performance slings. We are a premiere distributor of Crosby shackles, blocks, sheaves, and hooks.


Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. fabricates wire rope, synthetic, alloy chain, metal mesh, and high performance slings. Versatile and varying in texture, flexibility, and strength, slings can be utilized for lifting any type of load no matter the size, weight, shape or fragility.

Wire Rope

Crane ropes, moving lines, drill lines, hoist ropes and boom lines are manufactured from wire ropes. Industrial steel wire ropes from Union Wire Rope and WireCo are used for industrial material handling equipment and products, heavy lifting equipment, and general purpose lifting.

Rigging Hardware
Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. is a stocking distributor of The Crosby Group, Inc. The Crosby Group specializes in rigging hardware for wire rope and chain such as shackles, blocks, sheaves, and hooks.
Hoists & Winches

Specializing in manual, electric, and air powered hoists, Bishop Lifting Products offers the top brands in our industry.  Made for lifting, lowering and transporting loads of all sizes, we can provide the right hoist for your lifting application.

Conveyor Belting

Singer Equities companies maintain an extensive inventory of heavyweight conveyor belt featuring the leading manufacturers in the industry. Backed by an experienced, knowledgeable staff and a team of highly skilled fabricators, we can provide the right belt for the job. We service all industries including; aggregate, cement, foundry, mulch, recycling and more.


  • Belt recommendations through conveyor analysis software
  • On or off-site installation and vulcanization
  • On site vulcanizing up to 72″ wide
  • Cleating, V-guide and corrugated sidewall
  • Custom slit to any width up to 72″ wide
  • Elevator bucket belt punching and installation
  • Mechanical fastener installation
  • Pulley lagging and repair
  • Belt surveys and conveyor system audits

Gaskets & Sealing Products

Singer Equities companies offer a complete line of rubber and gasket sheet goods that are available in a wide range of compounds, gauges, widths and lengths to meet the wide range of applications. Whatever the condition; oil, heat, food, chemical or abrasion, we can supply the product. Whether you are in need of full sheets or a piece, custom hand or die cut gaskets from one piece to thousands, or if you are looking for a custom fabricated product, we are your source.


  • Custom Cutting and slitting up to 60″
  • Custom Die Cutting
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Flange gaskets
  • Lathe Cutting
  • Custom extrusions
  • PSA applications
  • Custom molded rubber
  • Stocking material from 1/64″ to 2″
  • Quantities from 1 to 20,000


  • Compressed Sheet
  • Teflon
  • Red Rubber
  • Neoprene
  • Pure Gum
  • Buna N
  • Butyl
  • Hypalon
  • and more!

Markets Served

  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Pulp and Paper
  • OEM
  • PVF
  • Oil and Gas
  • Marine
  • Pump Rental
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Transportation

Liftmax® Lifting Devices

At Bishop Lifting Products, our team fabricates custom lifting devices and material storage products in our Liftmax® line of specialized lifters.  An experienced, in-house team of engineers create custom drawings or work with customer supplied specifications to ensure the right tool is designed and fabricated for the lift application.  All Liftmax lifting devices are 100% inspected and tested, with compliance certs available via, online cert system.

  • Spreader Bars
  • Lifting Beams
  • Personnel Lifting Baskets
  • Material Baskets
  • Skip Pans
  • Drum & Bottle Lifters
  • Pallet Lifters
  • Rigging Racks
  • Custom Fabricated Solutions

Personnel Lifting

Preferred Personnel Baskets

Fabricated from square tubing and expanded metal, Bishop Lifting Products offers a wide assortment of personnel baskets for lifting and transporting applications.  All personnel baskets or man-baskets have a specific rated capacity and number of person maximum.  Our team of engineers can customize the standard personnel basket to meet specific needs of our customers.


The MaxiRider Personnel Hoist was specifically designed to solve a huge problem in the oil and gas industry.  Miscommunication between the winch operator and the rider and too fast ascent/descent rates caused numerous injuries onsite.  The MaxiRider Personnel Hoist incorporates a proven, slower, and smoother operating personnel lifting hoist, specialized mast, and wireless remote control that the rider controls. The concept of utilizing a wireless handheld remote control is what separates the MaxiRider from previous types of personnel lifting. The wireless remote was incorporated in order to eliminate communication errors between the winch operator and the rider, by removing the winch operator out of the equation.