Green River, WY

About Us

HydraFab has over 25 years of experience in the hydraulic industry ranging from high-pressure hydraulics (up to 200,000 psi) and automotive-type hydraulics (10,000 psi), to industrial and mobile hydraulics (3,000 psi).

We have worked with Sandia National Labs, Los Alamos National Labs, Kirtland Air Force Base, and White Sands Missile Range on several high level security projects ranging from simple machining projects to radio-controlled vehicles and heavy earth moving equipment. We have set up both pneumatic and hydraulic automated systems in industrial plants to maximize time and efficiency of older equipment.

We currently are heavily involved in the mining industry, working with longwalls, belt storage systems, bore miners, shuttle cars, FCT’s, Centrifuge, Roof Bolters, Breaker Feeders,  etc. Disassembly, repair and complete rebuild and testing of high capacity longwall leg jacks has become a specialty.

If you have a special application or are having difficulty with troubleshooting, maintenance, or repair, give us a call.